Two books coming soon in 2020!

In the true story Prayer Carrier, Palo Santo shares a remarkable journey that begins when a once renowned artist's illustrations in an antique children's book lead him into the woods on Monhegan Island, Maine.   When a prayer tie is unknowingly carried away from a tree, a labyrinth of synchronicity begins to unfold as Palo Santo journeys through Alchemy, Kabbalah, Christianity, Buddhism, Native American, Celtic mythology and Jungian perspectives that guide him to create a new children's story and unlock a secret language hidden in a magical painting by one of the premier artists in American history.  Painted by “The Wizard,” Frederick Waugh, who entered the same woods over 100 years ago on Monhegan Island, the painting Conclave (Secret Gathering) forever changed Palo Santo, 
and may just change you as well!

A story for all ages..
When twelve year old Ava and her little brother Noah are brought
to Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine, a forgotten children's
book leads them to the woods to find the Munes.  There they will
journey from the Root Kingdom to the Branch Kingdom to
learn a secret language before it is to late. 137 pages.

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"Your photos of the Munes are inspiring, inspiriting and beautiful."
- Jeff Cramer, Curator of Collections, The Walden Woods Project

"Like the best of literature, Rise of the Munes, can be read on multiple levels:
an exciting adventure tale, a parable of the spiritual journey,
an archetypal saga of the hero's journey..."

- Sue Mehrens, Phd. Yale, Founder Jungian Center for the Spiritual Sciences

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