About Palo Santo

Palo Santo is my pen name given to me on Monhegan Island where I have visited since 1974. While I have a Masters Degree in Philosophy, it was by learning to follow the path of intuition that allowed me the insight to complete this journey.

My Secret Gatherings recount through storytelling, books, photography and music, the true story of synchronicity that challenged my ordinary perceptions of the world.  The Prayer Carrier story includes references from many sources including Alchemy, Kabbalah, Christianity, Buddhism, Native American, Celtic and Jungian perspectives that unlock a secret language hidden in a magical painting by one of the foremost artists in American history.  My journey from the heart of the woods on Monhegan Island, Maine, to the basement of a museum in Kansas, sailing on the US tall ship Eagle, through a passage tomb of Newgrange in Ireland, and walking the woods at Walden Pond were the result of a labyrinth of synchronicity that changed me forever and my story may just change you as well!
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